Teym The Beast


Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO

So last year during our time in LA my buddy Lisa Linke asked me if I wanted to make a little film with her. Mainly for here directorial porfolio. I was delighted and so she put together a video shoot in the desert of California for us. Trona Pinnacles to be precise.


For tech and my support we had the man, the myth, the legend Jeff McCoy of Industrial Digital with us. Our talent for the day was the talented and funny Brandon Marino. Our fearless Stuntdriver was no one less than Mr. Nate Hassler himself.

After arriving Lisa, Nate and I went on a bit of a scouting and shooting tour to prepare and plan a bit more for the next days video shoot. You can see a selection of my photos at the end of this post.

So the next morning before sunrise we headed out and I think we shot some pretty fantastic stuff. Also working with Jeff was so cool. Not having worked together before and shooting with the drone together needed some warming up, but he made it so easy for me. Also pulling focus and all that.

So after we got back to LA I picked up the footage and made a one day edit for Lisa which came out quite alright. Cosindering the time I had. She wanted to have a teaser to present here and there. Lisa then had an editor make a cut, but the whole time I wanted to give it another go. More time etc… so I started at some point. Didn’t have time for a while and so on and so on so finally yesterday I finished my final edit.

So I really hope enjoy it as much as I do. Also my friend Lars made version of his own so I am putting that in here too jsut as we’re at it.

So the first one is my final edit (it is available in 4k and I recommend a nice set of speakers or some headphones). The second is Lisas and was edited by Smooch NYC. The thid is my first (one day) edit. and the fourth is the one Lars did. It’s a bit much, but stay with me here. Also to top it off check out my photos far far far far down this page.

Enjoy, stay safe and see you guys soon.