Teym The Beast



For a lot of years now I have wanted a nice everyday Camera, that is always with me, that I enjoy shooting with, but that is not a big and heavy DSLR. And I have tried them all I think… from a Leica M9-P to the Fuji X100F, Sony RX-100 and so on and so on. None of them ever got me really fall in love with them.

At some point the Sony mirrorless Cameras got so interesting that I was so close to buying one, just for that purpose and when all those wonderful Adapters came along for them where you could use Leica lenses, Canon lenses, Nikon to Contax and whatever else exits out there, the dream became reality. I just was not a big fan of the Sony Cameras menus and the grip was always to small for my hands and so on. And in the beginning there where a lot of problems with these cameras and nowadays those are mostly gone… the batteries have gotten great, they don’t overheat that much etc.

But by now Nikon had announced their spin on a mirrorless camera and that was very intriguing for me as a Nikon shooter. The thought of being able to use the same batteries and the same lenses without an adapter and with full autofocus and all that. Well, now it is here, even two of them and we have a new Lens-mount, but the same batteries, the best grip on a mirrorless camera I’ve tried so far and a familiar Menu-system.

I know what I wanted it to do. I needed a camera that was able to shoot better video than my D850it needed to be lighter and smaller than my D850 and be able to adapt different lens-mounts. A lot of adapters got announced quickly, but none of them shipped quickly and I was one of the lucky few that got some of the first Novoflex M-Mount to Z-Mount adapters. I also knew what lens I wanted to be my first and probably only one for now. The MS Optics Apoqualia-G 28mm f2. I had seen it on Japan Camera Hunter a while ago. A small, very unique little lens, handmade by a Japanese Camera geek and luckily I got one of those too.

Anyway… I will be posting a bit more after using it for longer than roundabout a month now, but so far I am super happy. At F2 it gets you a super unique and funky look which I dig more and more and from F4 on you get a beautiful and crisp image which still feels different than all my Nikkor glass. Perfection is a lie and beauty is always a mix of different things. So… I hope you enjoy this video and the photos. I will post a lot more photos from this Combo and our long ass LA trip soon.