Teym The Beast


The Neon Museum - Las Vegas

While on vacation in Las Vegas, end of last year, we finally took the chance and visited the Neon Museum. One of those must visit tourist destinations. We were a bit unlucky with the weather, and not only that day, but I will go back the next time I am in the area for sure. As with many Museums and landmarks like that a lot depends on your guide that takes you around and gives you all teh facts and personal tidbits, but I am sure here everyone is into the subject matter more than enough. The experience there also depends a bit on whether you want to take a lot of photos and who is with you on the tour that time. Of course a lot of people want to take photos, some people more than others, but the guides normally give you enough time and some space to get all the photos you want. All for personal use only of course. If you have the time and get to Las Vegas, make sure to visit the Neon Museum.

Hope you enjoy the photos and I am working on this weeks video as you read this. Last week I had two out and if you haven't checked my Youtube channel, head over there and look around.

Cheers, Teymur.