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An hour with Casey Neistat

A few month back when we shot that film for Mercedes-Benz in the south of France I had to the great pleasure of spending some time with and around Casey Neistat. Most people know him by now from his daily Vlogs and his viral Videos. From Aladdin on a flying carpet to Snowboarding through NYC behind a Jeep. My first contact with Caseys films was his NYC bike lane video back in 2011. And he started so much earlier with making films than that, but better lat than never. The one thing besides the whole hilarity, spectacle and all that about his viral videos that caught my attention is his determination and motivation. He seems to be giving 100% all day every day. And more importantly when he has an idea he just goes and brings that idea to life.

I am not here to write an essay about Casey, but I can say with certainty that he has been one of my bigger inspirations over the last couple of years. You can find inspiration anywhere, but sometimes it just clicks. And also it sometimes might take time for it bring out something in you. At least in me, but there people like Casey or for example another "Internet Sensation" Gary Vaynerchuck come in to play. Everyone needs to find the right way for themselves to do something. The one photographer who like ten years ago inspired me so much that I ended up making it my career is Joe McNally. I just fell in love with his work and then with the way he teaches and how he interacts with everyone and how he sees things. To this day he keeps on doing exactly that for me. I haven't seen him in quite time, but it is not necessarily about that. I know I owe him big time one way or the other.

And of course it was me who pushed myself to this point, but inspiration is so important. And I am not talking about the "I NEED MONEY MONEY MONEY TO BUY SHINY THINGS!" kind of inspiration, I am talking about the kind that moves you from within. Another great guy is Tim Ferriss for example. I know him for ages, met him at my first LeWeb back in 2009 (same as Gary btw) and never let him out of my sight. When a couple of years ago he published his second book "The 4-Hour Body", a whole new fitness and health movement started, I tried it and failed. I tried again and failed again, but a bit over a month and a half ago I started again and I just missed the 10kg mark by a little bit this morning. I don't know what changed to the times before that. The only thing I know is that Tim was somewhere in the back of my head and didn't let go.

Coming back to Casey before I end this post, I know have not done a lot of video as I would like to, but I know I am changing that fact, it takes time somehow for my brain but it will happen and that is, for a big part, because of the inspiration through Casey. The way he pushes and keeps showing us what is possible :D

I digressed quite a bit from that first paragraph, but it all is connected. When we were shooting that film for Mercedes-Benz and I got to meet Casey while on that crazy boat, quite a few things got a bit clearer for me on how Casey achieves this intense workload, but can still have time for a nice chat with us, hanging out with his son and all that at the same time. And that gave me another spark of inspiration.

As for the photos, I kept out of his way as he was filming for his Vlog and also did not want to intrude on this experience with his son. Hope you enjoy either way.

Not sure if all this makes sense, but I hope you forgive me if it doesn't.

Thanks Casey for taking the time that day.

Thanks Wolfi!

And thanks Schlörb for the photo of Casey and me!