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Speed & Style - Racing Performance Meets Modern Luxury in Monaco

So just a couple of weeks after the last production for Mercedes-Benz in the south of France we went back last week for another round. This time we left the Airbus Helicopter out, but added a Formula 1 race-car and two Formula 1 drivers. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. I will be writing a more elaborate behind the scenes post soon for this production, so I am going to keep it short in this one. Same team as the last time, plus our camera assistant Lars Brauer, who rocked big time and was brought along by theblackdrone team. As before they where our camera and drone operators. Johannes Schlörb was our DP and Editor again and as you can imagine with a crew as small as this you will lend a hand here or there anyway. I directed and produced on this one again, which was a lot of fun and of course took the photos for the press release. Nothing would have worked as well without the help of the local agency and everyone else of course, but we made a lot happen in a very short amount of time. As I said, more on the whole process soon.

Here our final film and couple of the photos I took. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes AMG Petronas, Silver Arrows Marine and Cigarette Racing for the great cooperation on this project.