Teym The Beast


Air Land Water - Mercedes-Benz x Silver Arrows Marine x Airbus

This was on of the big one. It felt a little bit like an A-Team episode. Not the Film itself, but the production of it. A small team of highly trained media professionals goes out on a high stakes mission. OKOK. I might be getting a bit overexcited here, but I am very proud of what we did here. We is on the one hand Mr. Johannes Schlörb or Fuenfkommasechs, a wonderful Filmmaker and Effects Specialist and on the other hand the team of The blackdrone. Philipp Reimer and Rico Nowara. And me of course, but as for the moving images I had the smallest part. I directed and co-produced, but the team worked so flawlessly, that I was able to concentrate on the photos even more.

I am very thankful to Mercedes-Benz as a client, to our team for creating such fantastic results and having a good time while doing it. Also to my co-producer Ingo who helped us out form beginning to end.

Shooting on land is on thing, shooting on water another, then getting into the air and even combining all in such a short amount of time to something so beautiful, well... as I said, I am very proud of this, so sorry for tooting our own horn so much :D

I really hope you enjoy and hopefully can appreciate this production. As I said, we were four people who shot this in just under three days. And not everything went according to plan as you can imagine, but everyone stuck in there and gave their best. From Mercedes-Benz to Silver Arrows Marine to our small team of highly trained media professionals. Also our wonderful Models Aurianne Sinacola and Vincent Occhiolini. Not very model is as professional and fun to work with.