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Olga in Space


From that very efficient and fun day last year with the wonderful Olga Kobzar. You can find the first post here. I had the idea for this the second I saw the location. I wasn't sure how far I wanted to take the editing, but I found a good measure for my first step away from Lightroom only editing after a long long time. Obviously apart from skin retouching every now and then.

Really a direction I feel very good about. I will keep exploring. get back to telling more stories, even small made up ones.

Olga_SciFi-23 Olga_SciFi-1 Olga_SciFi-2 Olga_SciFi-3 Olga_SciFi-4 Olga_SciFi-5 Olga_SciFi-6 Olga_SciFi-8 Olga_SciFi-7 Olga_SciFi-9 Olga_SciFi-10 Olga_SciFi-11 Olga_SciFi-12 Olga_SciFi-13 Olga_SciFi-14 Olga_SciFi-17 Olga_SciFi-19 Olga_SciFi-18 Olga_SciFi-20 Olga_SciFi-15 Olga_SciFi-16 Olga_SciFi-21 Olga_SciFi-22

more to come soon.