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Travel photography - To the North-cape and back (part two)

So we made it all up in one piece. An amazing trip, exhausting, beautiful and lots of great opportunities to shoot some amazing photos, but when I first heard of the idea for the trip, I thought it would make so much sense to not fly back, but to drive back down all the way through Norway this time. Luckily I was able to convince the fine people at Mercedes-Benz and even get the Hasselblad with me on board for this part of the trip. I got a H5D-40 and a couple of beautiful lenses with and I was ready to gogo. I had a very rough idea of what route to take back down to Germany, but nothing specific booked written down. And normally it is not a real problem, the only thing was, is, the only road that goes all the way down from the North-cape through Norway is just that, a road. not a Highway, or an Autobahn. It's curvy, stunningly beautiful, has quite some traffic and sometimes just ends up at a ferry.


As I said before, this would normally not be a big problem. Just when you are kind of pressed for time. Several factors came together that I needed to be at two certain points on my way at a certain time, mainly giving back the cars and getting to the next job. Lucky for me Philipp Deppe from MB Passion had basically the same idea. The fast rout south would be through Sweden and Philipp had planned that route initially, but lucky for me changed his plan and I just tagged along. We didn't stay together the whole way, but had mostly the same Hotels and rest stops along the way. And driving with Philipp is always a fun experience, not only when his car gave my Shuttlepod mini juice for some timelapse fun :D

Shooting with the 'Blad was quite an experience. I had little shooting time with Medium Format cameras besides my old film Hasselblad and coming from DLSRs you really need to adjust. And I do not mean the size and weight. Obviously I am very much one with my Nikon cameras by now and so I need more time to get into the system, but it makes it certainly harder to get what you need. I was hoping for a version with more Megapixels so I could really get a into the files and see how a Medium Format workflow could benefit, but as the Megapixel count was very similar to my Nikon it actually gave me a better comparison for all the details and dynamic rage and all. And that is where you see the difference for sure. Maybe not in a  Blog-post like this somewhere on the internet, but certainly when you work on the files and that's where it counts. I am looking forward to get more into it and be able to work with cameras like this in different situations, as a road-trip with not much time to set up shots and wait for the best weather or cloud formation etc. is not the best scenario for a studio camera like a Hasselblad H5D-40. Certainly doable though.

Let's see what you think.