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Travel photography - To the North-cape and back (part one)

This is one of those trips. Probably a once in a lifetime thing. Especially in this shape and form. Mercedes-Benz organized another fantastic roadtrip and this one went a little beyond everything we have done so far. What I have done so far for sure. The main trip was planned to promote the the GLE and take a group of around 22 Journalists, Bloggers, Instagramers from Kitzbühel in Austria to the North-cape. an at least 4000km Journey. The group was a fantastic mix of people from all over the world. Russia to South Africa, Italy, France and so on.

A much more creative mix of people than ever before and that certainly set the tone for the whole trip. And what a joy it was. So the Basic plan was to drive up to the North-cape in ten days and for me and Tim Adler to produce for the press and everyone on the trip who needed photos. I knew it would get tough, I mean "tough". You are of course sitting and driving in beautiful cars and all, but still we ended up with around three hours of sleep every night, as we imported, sorted and finished the photos of the day and uploaded them to the servers. In a situation like this I find it so important to have a good partner to work with and Tim was a blast and never took a shortcut either. Even sat with me at times where he could have gone to sleep as stuff was uploading from my computer and the only place with wifi was the hotel lobby. Good man, needed to say that!


I am quite certain the route on the maps above is not 100% the route we took, as there often where little detours we either took voluntarily or had to take out of one reason or the other. No need for example to drive to Berlin from Leipzig is you actually want to get to Poland, but what a fun day it was. Luckily I can say we had no major accidents, injuries or anything else. Just a lot of fun, driving and hot dogs. Not a trip I will forget and what a group, I was very happy to travel with and very thankful to know you guys now.

This is a huuuuge post and only the way up to the North-cape. I will soon post the trip down, that planned to do completely alone, luckily ended up having a travel-wingman with me. Also shot the whole trip down on a nice Hasselblad, but I will let you know more in the next post.

Oh and remember you can click the phtotos to enlarge etc...