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Model Photography - Leila rough 'n tough


It has been some time and you are about to get hit hard! Leila Lowfire is back and we're going to rock your world. There is a lot of stuff coming up in the next few weeks, too. I was home for a while now and had time to work through a lot of stuff that fell somewhat behind. From a lot more model work to road trips, travel work, Hasselblads and so on. You are in for a ride, but for now enjoy the photos I took of Leila last year. Set three of five that I have posted here. Check out ONE and TWO if you haven't already! See you later and have a fantastic week!

Leila_toughNgritty-1 Leila_toughNgritty-2 Leila_toughNgritty-3 Leila_toughNgritty-4 Leila_toughNgritty-5 Leila_toughNgritty-6 Leila_toughNgritty-7 Leila_toughNgritty-8 Leila_toughNgritty-9 Leila_toughNgritty-10 Leila_toughNgritty-11 Leila_toughNgritty-12 Leila_toughNgritty-13 Leila_toughNgritty-14