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Travel photography - #MBRT15 road trip.

It was that time of year again and I was, for the first time, on my way to Alabama. Birmingham, Alabama to be precise. To meet up with a group of Bloggers, journalists, photographers and videographers to drive all the way up to New York City and the New York Autoshow. We would be "guarding" the brand new GLE from A to B and produce some beautiful work along the way. As so often on group trips like this time will be limited, so you can't go totally bonkers and should be thoughtful of the others. Also the time table was very much linked to the presentation event of Mercedes-Benz in NYC.

What a blast. I just enjoy events like these. I love to drive, I love to drive and visit places I haven't been to. And we got to see some great stuff for sure. The two that stood out most for me where Charleston and Washington DC. Of which I did not get many photos as time was very limited, but I now certainly know I need to get back there with a lot more time. It was very surprising how much I liked these two, especially Washington DC. So here are mostly some mood shots from our little trip!



A little bonus in form of the Instagram photos and videos I shot on the tour. I was going to add all the live streaming stuff from Meerkat and Periscope too, but that is two and a half hours of low quality, portrait mode video. So no.




And there are one or two more stories on their way. Not sure if published here or somewhere else. I will let you know for sure though.