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Car photography - Split decisions #mbrt15


I have written a lot about road-trips and I have been on many and a few weeks ago it was time to hit the road. This time with Mercedes-Benz again. "Guarding" the new GLE from its birthplace in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to New York City. This post is kind of a teaser. Seven photos, six conceptual, one typical. I had a great plan. I also misjudged the trips timing, by a lot. Besides the split photos I had planned another type of shot. And it does only look good as a full set, which did not happen. Ah well. You win some, you loose some. So this is a teaser for the next post.

As for the splits... something I tried first on my shoot in the Rocky Mountains last year. And something I like to develop and expand on. It does not work easily with all cars, the hood length really can mess with the balance. The G-Class is pretty complicated to get right for sure, but who doesn't like a nice challenge. The GLE Coupé was the easiest and I'm looking forward to try it on some different shaped cars in the near future. Interesting enough I started using a tripod and ended up hand-helding it which worked somehow better. At least with not too much time on my hand. Lets see what a little more practice brings...

Splitdescisions_mbrt15-2 Splitdescisions_mbrt15-3 Splitdescisions_mbrt15-4 Splitdescisions_mbrt15-5 Splitdescisions_mbrt15-6 Splitdescisions_mbrt15-715C337_02