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Model Photography - Agnes


Another multi-part shoot from one of my visits to Berlin last year. A very basic setup. A Rotalux Deep-Octa with a grid on a tiny lightstand.

Not much more to say really. Same trip and location like my shoot with Leila.

AgnesBerlin_1-1 AgnesBerlin_1-2 AgnesBerlin_1-3 AgnesBerlin_1-4 AgnesBerlin_1-5 AgnesBerlin_1-6 AgnesBerlin_1-7 AgnesBerlin_1-8 AgnesBerlin_1-9 AgnesBerlin_1-10

and as a little extra bonus, as I already posted it on Flickr and 500px. Shot with the same lighting setup, but with my Hasselblad 500cm on Kodak film.