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Car Photography - Ferrari FF rough 'n tough


In a perfect world the Ferrari FF would be the perfect photographers car. My workhorse. It seats four-ish people if it has to and has a quite big boot. It is very fast and gives the people sitting in the front seats a lot of space in its luxurious cockpit. I can tell that you can tell that I am a big fan of the FF. Also from its looks it is the most beautiful modern Ferrari so far. I shot this series of photos on one of the evenings of Photokina last year and I had a quite specific idea of where to go with the shoot. And yes... the car is dirty... the photos are quite rough... you might even see some grain and such. Most of car / automotive photography is very much like beauty portraits. Very clean, very much post-processed and massaged. There is nothing wrong with that, I just got a bit tired of seeing that so much and I think its not too bad to try a few things here and there. I went quite "extreme" with the post processing here too and still I think the photos came out nice, dark and moody. They most will never be printed in an add or such, but that is OK with me too.

That is it for this week I guess. Take care, enjoy and have a great day!

FF_roughNtough-2 FF_roughNtough-1 FF_roughNtough-3 FF_roughNtough-5 FF_roughNtough-4 FF_roughNtough-6 FF_roughNtough-7