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Canon Legria Mini X - a first look.


A few weeks back, when I was in Hamburg for a Canon launch event, we were given the opportunity to be part of two workshops and test a variety of cameras. The one camera though that interested me the most was the successor of the Canon Legria Mini that I wrote about a while back. So I decided to run around all day and shoot with the Legria Mini X instead of anything else.


The first thing you notice it the absolutely wonderful feel of the camera. The build-quality has improved vastly, at least from my subjective point of view. Stereo microphones that now let the Legria look more like an audio recorder, you can record sound in PCM and have more options in terms of frame rates and codecs. Even though not all can be combined with each other. This is a first look, so I will not get into details. The video I edited is completely ungraded. Right out of the camera the aliasing though looked quite bad, but rendering it out again solved most of it. I really liked handling the camera, it's small enough to fit in kost pockets and big enough to be held comfortably. Overall a nice step up, but not without problems as mentioned before.

Canon Legria Mini X First Look from Teymur on Vimeo.