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Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout NYC / LA

MBShootout NYC / LA

The Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout in New York and Los Angeles was a fantastic experience, it was the longest of all the Shootouts so far and took place in two cities. New York City and Los Angeles. Our New York Team consisted of Mario-Roman Lambrecht, Joseph Linaschke, our local Andrew Link and me. In LA it was Mario, Joseph and me again plus our locals Royce Rumsey, Richard Thompson and Zach Benge. I cannot say it often enough how honored and thankful I am to have worked with this extremely talented and kind group of people. What a great and pleasant experience. We worked a lot and had long and exhausting days for sure, but it was worth every minute. I laughed a ton, I learned a ton and I got to spend a few days is two of my favorite cities.

I will be back in LA soon and and the Shootout is far enough in the past not to give you a MB overload by now, so I decided to post a selection of my photos from the NYC/LA Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout.

You might also have noticed the Theme (1000 thanks to pooliestudios for that) and I am trying a new style for posting this amount of photos. You can click any photo to see it in full size and then use for example your cursor keys to go through them all.

Enjoy, Teymur.