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MixedBag - Vienna Edition


So on Saturday we did a little test shoot and I actually just tried one setup really, but I got some interesting results. I used two strip lights coming from top and and to the sides down on our very kind model Mo, plus one flash coming from the front with a gridded snoot.at some point I took the grid away and replaced it with two strips of gaffers tape and these are the results you see. Really sweet as I think. though the right one didn't find as much approval as for example the left one, though I like the one on the right too. Really would love to get some more opinions on the three shots.

As always the fantastic Mr. Sartoni provided the BTS photo, also make sure to check out his blog post as he shot some fantastic photos with his own setup. Very nice work.

 Mo Mo Mo

Lucas BTS shot.



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Take care and a great week for you all.