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Model Photography - Fredau - highkey sensuality


Fredau artistic nude (highkey) By now you most certainly know Fredau and have seen her in different photo sets of mine like in the recent NOIR set or from all these. So as the last nude photos we took were more on the low-key side and also because I like to play with the flashes to emulate natural light I placed the ranger pack outside the studio with a bare reflector on it and shot it through the huge window front of the studio. I really like these first photos, but in the end I was missing some more stuff for example on the walls and so on, though the mood was very nice and the quality of light exactly were I wanted it to, I basically just changed the cameras point of view, turned towards the window and hung two bedsheets behind Fredau and the bed... and we changed the mood completely. Fredau as with any other set and shooting was fantastic. Absolutely love working with her. Hope you guys like it and make sure to check the short video in the end out. The guys over at Krolop Gerst were so kind to borrow me a Kessler Crane Cineslider for a little testing as I wanted to buy one and one of the tests can be seen below. Not too keen on buying one right now... pricing is quite steep and the performance can be achieved in other ways too, maybe not with all the motors and so on, but those would cost a fortune on top anyway. I have built myself a nice slider in the past week and will shoot a little with it too soon. so stay tuned and enjoy! All the best, Teymur. Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau artistic nude (highkey) Fredau - Cineslider Test Video from Teymur on Vimeo.