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model photography - svitlana - three plus one (part II)


As promised the next part of the testshoot svitlana and I did.


I know... this is very... blackmores nightish :-)

I always wanted to put the light right above my subject and point it right down. there are so many great things you can do with that and I guess this is one of them.


on that day I had packed a bunch of props and costume stuff I have, so I had this hooded cape with me. in addition to that, svitlana wanted to see how comfortable she would be with a bit more, well... less stuff on.


you can do a lot with this setup and I am planing too... it looks nice just lost in the darkness, but with a nice architectural structure, barely visible in the background it could make a really great photo.


hope you enjoy and as always I am happy for any feedback.