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.:mega misti - photo upload deluxe



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we are getting closer to the end of this particular in bed set.

this is a seven pic upload, so you might want to go through all of them :-)

also please keep in ming that the three with the camera should not be take too serious as they were and still are meant funny. so I hope no is offended by them or anything.

hope you like these, as the will be one more upload with pics in the bed which might be a bit sexier, but then we certainly are going to crank up the heat with misti... not sure when exactly... :-) I might introduce you to another model of mine before that.

for now enjoy and keep the comments coming if you want!

all the best, teymur.


strobist info: one nikon sb-900 through a lastolite ezy-box from above the camera and to the right, pointing right down on the model.


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