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.:either my way or the highway - zombies52 - week IX


.:either my way or the highway

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"after finding the holyman, who apparently didn't need any saving for some very bizarre reason, and getting out of that bloody building we made it to his safe-house.

it's a nice change to be able to take a shower without the need of a weapon inside and not being able to let down the guard. well... this requires me to trust the holyman and strangely enough I do... not because he is a holyman... he has something calming and familiar in his personality that lets me trust him. I might regret it. and I could be a bit more careful again. It was just nice to relax after all these weeks for a bit.

we tried to gather some useful info and ideas... with no luck really. nothing in any books about zombies or so. so we decided to get away from here as far as possible... or at least far enough to see a change.

I suggested to take some smaller roads down south, but the holyman is insisting to go up north. he seems to believe (what else) that a lot of people might be still alive and save up there.

north might work. we have the coast there... people could have fled to the sea. the fastest way is the highway and the preacher thinks it also is our best bet, but I am reluctant. if we run into any blockade or problems on that way we don't have a lot of possibilities to evade or get away besides turning around... which might not even be a possibility. we will also be quite exposed.

I don't know... we might sleep over it one more night and then pack everything up. the coast might be quite nice actually... and deserted if we are really really lucky.

we'll see. the only thing we can be sure about... or actually not if we don't make it.

wish us luck!"


strobist info: we had one elinchrom style rx 600 snooted and pointed at the table from camera right and high up. then two nikon sb900s, one snooted and one gridded, pointed at our faces from directly below us. for a little bit more detail check out the behind the scenes video.


hope you liked this weeks episode! have a great sunday and let me know what you think if you like.

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