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.:my bloody valentine - zombies52 - week VI


.:my bloody valentine
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"a tough week of traveling, raiding places and fighting these damned creatures...

my baseball bat has become my best new friend, thank god for my god ol' baseball team... enough hustling over the years got my swing just perfect for smashing zombie heads. and this special one... she attacked me as I was saying hi to the porcelain princess.
nasty mistake on my side, but I swept the house before, still I managed to miss her... or are they smarter than I thought?! can they hide and lurk on you?

I just hope I was careless and probably too tired to notice her or so... anyway... nice valentines gift to myself... I found a panic room with three exits. THREE!!! it seems as a perfect hideout with a working generator. I marked it on my map so I can come back when I really need some time out.
now I need to wash off this stuff... I am still not sure how "toxic" it really is or not...

enjoy your valentine's day! I will!"


just in case you wonder... this is my new photo project I started. here you'll find a video that explains it a bit more... CLICK


strobist info:
one elinchrom style RX 600 with a grid high above and behind the camera pointed towards the arm and hair. then there is one nikon sb-900 also with a grid left of the camera on the floor pointed towards the boot and bat. as far as editing I just desaturated the photo a bit and saturated the reds back up, besides that just the basic RAW conversion.


ok I hope I didn't mess up your valentines day too much and the behind the scenes video should be up tomorrow or latest on tuseday as always.

all the best,