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.:introducing misti


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and finally I present you the photos I shot back in december when I was attending leweb. I talked to a number of models and luckily misti and christine we the ones I shot with finally. you might remember the photos I posted of them here. just some quick snapshots.

we shot all these photos of misti and christine in my hotelroom, which was quite dark and tight. very nice, but hard to work in a place like that without an assistant, but I don't want to complain too much :-)

it was fun and the outcome is satisfying. some of the shots seem a bit out of focus, which came because I had to hold a extra focus light as the rooms available light was way to dark for the camera to focus. well and it sometimes didn't work too well. :-)

more photos will be coming in the following days and weeks and of course also christines photos.

let me know what you think of this one.

all the best, teymur.

--- strobist info: one nikon sb-900 through a lastolite ezy-box from above the camera and to the right, pointing right down on the model.