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.:buuaaaahhh!!! - zombies52 - week III


buuaaaahhh!!! click on more for the whole story! "this is so f***ed up I can't even tell you... this one of those days! I am at the hospital and its like zombie HQ over here. I just made it out of here. this is the third hospital by the way I am at. I can't find one doctor or anything. my wife is feeling worse everyday and I am not sure there is anything I or anyone can do... people were either much smarter than us or all dead... I am just pondering what to do. we have to get out, no idea where to, but we have to find a doctor, a cure, a save place. I salvaged some medicine of which I am not sure what it does and how anne will react to it but we have to try. those zombie movies might be bull, but one thing I can really attest to is good CARDIO really helps and I need to find weapons! a lot of weapons! which brings me to the strange noises and gunshots at night. zombies don't seem to use guns so I still hope to find PEOPLE! pshhht! somethings there... I think someone's coming and I am stuck here on the roof... CRAAAAP! run, run run... if I make it to the stairs I am out... HEEEELP!



strobist info: extremly easy and quick this time... one sb-900 on a gorillapod attached to the handrail. TTL and without a domediffuser zoomed to 200mm.

just in case you wonder... this is my new photo project I started. here you'll find a video that explains it a bit more... bit.ly/8yOf3W

I will add the video tomorrow hopefully!!!

and many many thanks to my buddies @dominik @thilokayser and @bindermichi for helping me out!!!

uh and a nice behind the scenes photo by @dominik

Il Maestro

finally the video is ready. still processing the HQ and HD version though.