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.:workshop day three - venice villa mayhem


or something close... or not :-D a fun day. today we left quite early by boat to the mainland to drive to a wonderful old italian villa with amazing wall painting and the whole nine yards. we had four wonderful female models an joe mcnally gave us a wonderful introduction and of course helped us (me at least) out a lot! it was a great combination of a lot of stuff and I want to take the opportunity to thank jonathan maher of VSP workshops. a great guy, organizing everything for us, being a big help and just doing fantastic job!

I am sorry as it is late, I am tired and need to get some sleep, so I will write a much more detailed blog post after the workshop week and tell you guys how everything was.

about the videos... I am sorry as I can't upload them from here very well, so I will do that when I get home. also I can edit all the material much better with a bit more time.

here you have some snapshots from today, hope you enjoy!

best regards teymur!