Teym The Beast


.:the coming 6 days and iron man again - YAY!


well first of all, let get todays photoupload over with :-Dyup another iron man shot!

flex it!

but the last one for a week at least.

why? well... I have the great pleasure of flying to venice tomorrow for a photoworkshop with the great joe mcnally. I've been a huge joe mcnally fan for quite a while now and when I saw the workshop date pop up I had to go for it. plus being in venice for all that is just amazing.

I can only encourage you to check out joe mcnally's blog and his books (1 & 2)if you are remotely interested in photography!!! he seems to be a fn guy and is such an fantastic photographer, with a great sense of detail. especially when it comes to really hairy situations. he is a master of light if you will, but enough of me talking and wrtiting, just check out his work and you will see what I mean!

I will try to post as many pictures as possible while I am in venice and keep yu guys posted, how everything is going. hopefully also start posting videos!

so enjoy your weekends and if you have some freetime check out my portfolio here on my site and maybe my flickr stream, where I have a LOT more photos online! you can also just view my stream by the sets first to get a nice overview of what is there.

enough from me now! regards teymur!