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.:iron man times three - on and on


here we are with three more shots of my hot toys iron man figure. it is not the cheapest toy I've ever bought, but its certainly worth every cent. its detail and all the functional parts, the lights and all is very impressive. as stated before I am huge fan of iron man movie and the comics for a long time, so this was a nobrainer for me. but still some will ask why I spend so much time shooting toys. not landscapes, real models etc.

well first of all it is something I really like! comics, movies, toys and most importantly the photography. as it might seem a bit childish at first, it is nothing short of serious and complex photogrpahy. just like any other macro and product photogrpahy. and this is just something I really like as you might see here. its a set on flickr I mostly shot with my old sony dsc808 a while back. anyway I think it is quite important if you want to learn about photography and get better at it to shoot stuff you like. stuff you have fun looking at and being around. that makes it so much easier. and you don't have to buy a lot of things, just borrow it from a friend or if its cars for example as a dealer if you might shoot a car from the showroom or something like that.

people are quite open for stuff like that and it mostly is just a matter of asking. and whether you use the newest most expensiv strobes or cheap desklamps or flashlights or whatever you can achieve great result.

enough talking for now :-) here you go with todays 3 shots.

iron maniron maniron man

please let me know what you think!!!

greetings teymur!