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.:cornrows and a beautiful smile - applying the knowledge


tina (the beautiful lady in the pictures) called me up earlier this week, telling me she had cornrows done and wanted to take some pictures with them. so far so good, but she only would keep them for a few days, so after quite a lot of planning and calling people up and trying to get the timing right we decided to shoot at a friends company. he has this one garage style place where they store cars and fix 'em from time to time. only bugger was we started around nine in the evening. I know, doesn't sound too bad, isn't actually until you didn't get much sleep the night before, wont get enough sleep that night also as you shoot late and have to get up early. I am wining again eh?! well... either way it was well worth it.

after the VSP workshop with joe mcnally "just" having 3 strobes felt not enough in the beginnig. especially if one is bound on the camera as a commander, but we managed :-) and managed well as I feel so far.

a sb-900 is a very versatile and powerful piece of equipment and the ability to zoom with it is pure gold. it just took one sb to immitate the late evening sun through the four by three meters gate of the building, zoomed to 180mm I think.


one flash was, at least in the beginning also geled with a CTO and snooted to light up her face. we soon took the snoot away though to also get her legs lit up, which worked perfectly well.

it was a lot of fun right away. tina knows how to move, dance and jump and is a very nice and easy gal. I only need to get a bit more exercise shooting dancing/moving subjects. I also wasn't to sure about the metering and in the middle of it apparently to concentrated try around.

we then switched over to another location within the building. basically the restrooms for the mechanics and all. nice n' dirty. two sides of that room had a window, which was perfect for lighting the room and also shooting into it. one of he windows was cracked and also missing a part. I shot through that crack most of the time as it gave a nice effect to the photos. subtle, but nice. one flash was outside the other window pointing inside with a green gel attached.


being very lucky I had a VAL on location who helped me to light up her face with a small led flashlight. well it was a try... with no softening it was just to fake and with a "softbox" or sheet of paper os so it just would not be light enough.

after that we moved to the back of the building and there I struggled a bit with the light and we ended up with a rather easy solution. just put the CTO geled flash up, zoomed out and go.


I am very determined though to go back and tackle that part of the place again and a bit better or more elaborate. although the outcome of those pictures isn't all that bad now, is it?! :-D

hope you enjoy! an more photos will follow the next few days.

also check out the short video:

regards teymur.