Teym The Beast


.:hastala vista baby or just good bye!


yesterday evening as we finished our bbq it somehow just hit me and I had the vague memory of the end scene of terminator 2 in front of my eye as I was looking into our bbq grill. I suddenly grabbed my d3, popped the 105mm macro lens on it, a leather jacket lego figure, a chain, some aluminum foil and about 15-20 minutes of preparation and tadaaaaa!

hastala vista baby or just good bye!

don't ask me why, I just needed to do it at that time. with more preparation and all it could have brought some different result and a bit closer to the movie, as I just had a look at the scene right now, but it still turned out well, right? :-)

its a bit grainy at ISO 800 and no additional light besides the glow of the coal.

let me know what you think!

this photo is quite big so go to the fullsize view to have a look at all of it in detail.

best regards teymur.