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.:a quick update - prints, gadgets, thoughts


here I am, yip right here.the past week was quite different. at the beginning of this week I finished all open projects I had left. so the past two days have been quite different as I had a lot of time on my hand. well there was the basic administrative stuff, but hey. I spent a good time planning new shootings and projects, getting in contact with new models and planning a few location scouting trips. felt very good, especially with no pressure pushing towards some deadlines.

another great thing this week, and you might have read it on my twitter stream, my first print tests arrived. I went with whitewall after a lot of research and I am very pleased! they really are pros. the colors came out just right, the quality of the canvas print and the one behind acryl glass is just amazing, crisp and so true to my digital copy.

I printed the same HHHDR photo of the cologne cathedral I took a few weeks back so I could compare the print quality.

It really makes such a great difference to see your work printed... and then especially in such a wonderful way and size.

here are two snapshots of the prints.


in further news :-) I finally got my gelaskin for my laptop and I love it! I kinda got bored with the plain aluminum silver, so @ethem and I decided on the designs we wanted and here we are :-D what do you think. in the second picture I put my iphone and ipod with the gelaskins I already had in too. I really like the quality and the fact you can take them off and put them on again, even if its just to rearrange and fit the "sticker" correctly.


thats it for now. have a great weekend and keep in touch if you like teymur!