Teym The Beast


.:geeking - "up up and away!"


here we go ladies and gentlemen!the third photo of the third installment of my geeking series (wow thats a mouthful!) this one took me a bit longer to process and finally got some help from good ol' asphar . I got stuck extracting the hair especially on the left side of evas head. so many thanks for that mate. besides that, I am pleased with the outcome of the third part of the series an the parts before. especially as the helped me developing myself further. but for the next part I feel I need to take it a step or two up. especially with the last two parts, the tin soilders and the comic shoot took more and more preparation, props and building the "set", but from now on I want to also put alot more planning into the light and camera setups. these where quite freestyled and decided on location/studio. and everything went well and I learned alot from it and this is why I feel it all needs an update.

although I hope you enjoy this latest photo also. please let me know what you guys think as your input means alot also.

up up and away!!!

all the best teymur!