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.:geeking part III - oh!


a few month back I started a little series very close to my heart called geeking. where I wanted to express my geekyside. and what is there better to combine that with a beautiful model. so I ended up with so pretty nice and different photos. here is what I wrote for this series back when I uploaded the first photo to flickr:

"geekieness, geekdome, geekalopolis syndrome or whatever you may call it, but many have it in them. some more than others. and some more willing to admit to it. and if it is playing videogames, collection action figures, reading comic, loving movies. everything! and more and more people get into things that where and are falling into the geeky category. which is good, fun and cool. in so many ways. especially seeing people that are just getting into it and still feeling knda ashamed about it :-)

and there is a dark side to all of it if you will. staying awake all night, trying to finish a certain level or boss character and sometimes not succeeding. spending ages in coloring little tin army figures or spending your whole pocket money on a bunch of overpriced comikbooks.

and these three photos are especially about the videogaming part of it all. a time to spend (waste) your time very easily and fun, which can also be very exhausting and demanding.

no idea if this makes any sense for anyone else, but I thought I share this with you and hope you enjoy this! :-)

please let me know.


and here is the first photo of the third installment, hope you enjoy it!


and the rest of the series is right here: CLICKY

just a little more...is that all?yes! I painted all these!!!