Travel Photography – road trip 2011 – 5000km through the USA, part 4

Still a lot more to come. I would like to present you with everything at once, but stay with me here and enjoy the ride.

Travel Photography – road trip 2011 – 5000km through the USA, part 1

The road trip is over now and I am back home in Cologne since last tuesday. It’s been quite a ride, quite literally.

F-CELL world drive – 3 amazing days with an amazing car.

My adventure with the Mercedes Benz F-CELL world drive is now over. I had two days of driving through the US in one of the most technologically advanced cars in the world. Along the way, I met some very kind and friendly people, saw some very beautiful places I never had known about, and drove on some very nice roads.

.:from the floor – to the us and back

hey there people, after a good three month I finally managed to go through at least a few of my 6000+ vacation photos me and my girlfriend took in our vacation back in july/august. and here you have the first selection I took and edited. these are not random photos as you might think initially. before going on the vacation I wanted to start some kind of photo project in those days we were away. so as I wasn’t sure how much time I was going to have and what exactly I could do any single day I just decided…

.:take this fooooooolz! – geeking continues.

I was visiting the US with my girlfriend and as we were planning the trip for some time and I already had some contact with the amazing casey mckinnon and she was interested in a geeky photoshoot, so we planned a little bit and right after comic con we met up in LA and went looking for a few locations. originally we had planned to drive to joshua tree but it is a bit far and our schedules were a bit tight so malibu was the best choice. and honestly… all we looked for. I had a blast and hopefully casey did so too 😀 thankfully her partner rudy joined us and was so gracious to help me out holding the reflector and also having some nice tips up his sleeve. thanks you guys so much for everything, and I hope you’ll enjoy the shots as much as I do. oh and most of the other shots will take a little while as I am in the middle of editing a huge wedding shoot and still have a few thousand vacation shots in front of me also 🙂 more on the vacation later also of course!