#mbrt13 – the video

It has been a while since we got back from this fantastic road trip and yes it took me a very long time to finish this video, but it’s finally here and I hope you will enjoy our little trip down memory lane. I could jump into the car right away and do another few thousand miles that way. enjoy and have a great week people! Lots of great stuff lined up to be posted and shot in the coming days and weeks. and for all my other #mbrt13 posts, just follow the link. Teymur. #mbrt13 movie from Teymur on…

Car Photography – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

And here we are with the last part of our trip to the Paul Ricard Raceway in France. The following text is again written by the fantastic Mr. Fabian Mechtel and make sure to check out the SLS AMG Electric Drive Post if you haven’t yet. Also for my German speaking friends check out our post over at Evocars Magazin. Enjoy and have a great weekend and actually I have a little something for you SLS fans coming real soon too that I completely forgot about. So let’s get started. Well, 571PS certainly are not enough. And the looks of…

Car Photography – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive

A few weeks ago I was invited to a fantastic and exclusive Mercedes-Benz Event at the Paul Ricard Racetrack in France. It was day of great fun, lots of work and two of my most favorite things in the world, Driving great cars on a racetrack and shooting photos and videos of great cars on a racetrack! I will not go into detail here too much as you can read all about the first car over at Cool Hunting. So make sure to head over there! The fantastic Mr. Fabian Mechtel was kind enough to write for me and help…

#mbrt13 – Instax invasion

Here a very candid collection of all the Fuji Instax shots of our trip. Still my favorite camera system at the moment!!! Hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do. Oh and the order might be a bit off 🙂

#mbrt13 – the end is nigh

It’s nigh, but not here yet. We finish our digital stills journey today with a huge post. 52 photos. There is still a bit more to come though. We have a whole bunch of wonderful Fuji Instax scans coming up, as the Video I am still editing! After that though I promise at least one non-car photo post. And a glorious one for sure. I hope you will enjoy this post as you did the ones before and in case you missed them follow this link the previous posts. Cheerio and have a great weekend, Teymur.

#mbrt13 – wherever I may roam

What is it that pulls people like us out on the street and actually lets us enjoy a trip like this?! Why do I love being on the road? Sitting in the car for hours, devouring asphalt like a maniac. To be honest… NO IDEA! The thing I know is that I enjoy it. Listening to music, local news, meet people along the way, be it a travelling antiques dealer or a pissed of hillbilly trucker at a taco bell. Changing scenery, when you pull to the side of the road for photo, coffee or even a snack. I am…

#mbrt13 – the eagle has landed

#mbrt13, a hashtag for an idea that sprung from one mans head and developed into a project for twelve. In a very short period of time the plans for a fantastic road trip were made and what felt like an blink of an eye we had our plane tickets, roadmap and itinerary. An international crew going from Los Angeles (or actually Carlsbad) all the way to Detroit. I know, it doesn’t sound too hardcore, but if you have to make it in a bit less then 5 days it becomes a challenge. With our internal title “Guarding the E-Class” we…

.:take this fooooooolz! – geeking continues.

I was visiting the US with my girlfriend and as we were planning the trip for some time and I already had some contact with the amazing casey mckinnon and she was interested in a geeky photoshoot, so we planned a little bit and right after comic con we met up in LA and went looking for a few locations. originally we had planned to drive to joshua tree but it is a bit far and our schedules were a bit tight so malibu was the best choice. and honestly… all we looked for. I had a blast and hopefully casey did so too 😀 thankfully her partner rudy joined us and was so gracious to help me out holding the reflector and also having some nice tips up his sleeve. thanks you guys so much for everything, and I hope you’ll enjoy the shots as much as I do. oh and most of the other shots will take a little while as I am in the middle of editing a huge wedding shoot and still have a few thousand vacation shots in front of me also 🙂 more on the vacation later also of course!

.:noah and jenny – big boy and his mom

a few month back jenny asked me if I could take a few pictures of her and her sweet baby boy noah. it took some time, but in the end we got to it and it went very well. I photographed both once before, but it was in there home and rather snapshots than anything else. noah, and of course jenny, were troopers. one pose after the other and we were done much faster and easier as I had imagined. this is the first and probably my most favorite photo of the bunch, hope you like it too. all the best, teymur.

.:in your face – yeah

it is quite late, I am really tired, but just installed vm ware fusion, doing all sorts of windows updates right now and just wanted to test ecto on os x. but all that doesn’t really interest you guys I presume, so here you go with the good stuff. in case you guys missed the post about my hot toys iron man shoot you should at least check out THIS post I guess. this is one of the very last of that shoot, so I hope you like this one also! all the best and some for some longer blogpost…

.:oooh yeeeaaah – iron man is back!

and back we are! a few more left and coming and they are getting better and better! trust me! regards teymur.

.:just a quick photoupload update – tina flexing

here you go friends. once more the wonderful tina. flexing away and pumping out some energy! hope you enjoy! regards teymur.

.:animal instinc – a visit to the cologne zoo

yup! after ages and probably from now on much more often I went to the zoo. ben had asked me if I would join him and so we met up there! mirco joined us too and so rented a little wagon for our equipment and shot our way through the wild animals 🙂 attaked by pelicas, tricked by red pandas and left in the rain by the weather gods we still made it. here you go with some of the results! best regards teymur

.:tina spinning – not around the world though

here is another in my opinion fantastic photo of tina 😀 and there are quite a few more in the pipeline. so I hope you like em as much as I do! I also uploaded a few setup / behind the scenes photos, nothing to special, but I’ll work on that! have a great weekend my friends and if you haven’t checked the previous blogpost with all the other pictures of tine and the video just click here! best regards teymur.

.:cornrows and a beautiful smile – applying the knowledge

tina (the beautiful lady in the pictures) called me up earlier this week, telling me she had cornrows done and wanted to take some pictures with them. so far so good, but she only would keep them for a few days, so after quite a lot of planning and calling people up and trying to get the timing right we decided to shoot at a friends company. he has this one garage style place where they store cars and fix ’em from time to time. only bugger was we started around nine in the evening. I know, doesn’t sound too…

.:joe mcnally workshop – a recap or something close

back home, I had a very long sleep actually. and now just edited all these videos I took and trimmed them down to some bearable and viewable length. also I had to reselect all the photos as lightroom somehow didn’t save all my metadata. or I just missed something. ah well. anyway, as I recap the week its just amazingly cool how much we learned in such a quite short time and not only about the the nikon flashes and the whole system, but also about working under a certain pressure, with others in small and big groups. on top…

.:day four and the beginning of five – not finished yet

sorry I didn’t upload anything yesterday, but when I got to my room I needed to sleep quickly as we where starting at 4am this morning again. but here we are. and the ones from hour ballerina sunrise shoot in plaza san marco. beautiful location, weather and dancers. it was just amazing. I can’t wait to show you the results of these shoots! until the I hope you’ll enjoy these.

.:workshop day three – venice villa mayhem

or something close… or not 😀 a fun day. today we left quite early by boat to the mainland to drive to a wonderful old italian villa with amazing wall painting and the whole nine yards. we had four wonderful female models an joe mcnally gave us a wonderful introduction and of course helped us (me at least) out a lot! it was a great combination of a lot of stuff and I want to take the opportunity to thank jonathan maher of VSP workshops. a great guy, organizing everything for us, being a big help and just doing fantastic…