Let it POP! – Model Photography

More of Franzi! I normally don’t do a lot of editing outside of Lightroom and I hate beauty retouching beyond some very basic stuff, but sometimes it’s just fun to play around with Photoshop and test the limits of Lightroom and so on. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Leila LoFi – Model and Photoshop stuff

I was playing around in Photoshop a bit and trying some stuff and remembered I had these photos lying in last years Lightroom library. One thing added to the other and bandaning badabum we have a nice LoFi (80s/VHS) effect.

Model Photography – Olga

Last year, just by chance I stumbled over a few photo sets of Olga and knew that I wanted to work with here at some point. As luck seemed to be on my side Olga was going to be kind of close by for a photo workshop and we were able to arrange a shoot together. I am very happy with the results and I hope you will be too. Here the first set we shot. I want to talk more about photography with you guys and anyone who is interested. Communicate my process, talk about the technical side, gear, post processing…

MixedBag – Vienna Edition

So on Saturday we did a little test shoot and I actually just tried one setup really, but I got some interesting results. I used two strip lights coming from top and and to the sides down on our very kind model Mo, plus one flash coming from the front with a gridded snoot.at some point I took the grid away and replaced it with two strips of gaffers tape and these are the results you see. Really sweet as I think. though the right one didn’t find as much approval as for example the left one, though I like…

model photography – svitlana – three plus one (part I)

a few month back I met with svitlana for a few hours of testing. I had a few ideas and things I wanted to try and also svitlana wanted to get some stuff done. and besides… shooting is always fun.

music photogrpahy – 98 Octane EP and concert shots

you might remember 98 octane from way back when I started my photography business in the beginning of last year. not only have I progressed over this span, so did they. and they prepared their first EP with six fantastic songs.

.:group studio raid! – fun time!

last sunday me and a few friends met up in the studio as they wanted to sniff some studio air. we had an awesome time and our wonderful model svitlana was put to a test the latest when I put the gasmask on her head. ah well the sacrifices we take for art! 😀 here are the group photos! enjoy!