travel photography – south africa 2010 – looking back

as you might have guessed… I am BACK!!! and as I am back and in the middle of my everyday chaos again I have a little bit of time to reflect on the past south africa trip. as you might or might not have noticed I was very lucky to be sent by kodak to south africa while the 2010 fifa worldcup is on to capture the memorable moments the people experience along the way. I have written about how I disagree with the media hysteria talking about how dangerous south africa is and how unfair and dangerous that itself…

travel photography – departure day – still time for a photowalk

it really is over already… for us at least. it is time to leave beautiful south africa. well the geeky photographers and travel junkies that we are, decided to go for another walk through durban city ad maybe the beachfront.

travel photography – fourth day in durban – time to get wet

we are coming to the end of our journey. as sad as it is and as fast as it went by, we have to face the fact that tomorrow, well today (wednesday) most of us will start their journeys back home. what a ride.

travel photography – second and third day in durban

I know a lot of you where waiting for a post yesterday, but I hope you were ok with the posterous posts I did from the stadium, as I fell asleep importing the photos from my D3 at night. 🙂

travel photography – first day in johannesburg

well well, our first day in johannesburg, south africa is coming to an end and I am sitting here with madlen from kodak and we are importing, editing and uploading photos. maybe… if I don’t fall asleep while doing this I will actually get to some video editing! I had a great day with actually one my dreams becoming reality! we started the day with obviously with a nice and long breakfast where we got to meet the rest of our kodak team…