model photography – good evening from misti

it nearly has been a year since leweb09 and my shooting with misti and it was only at photokina that I rediscovered the not yet uploaded phtoos of misti and one in particular hit me.

model photography – misti

and the last batch of this mist set for you on this wonderful and sunny monday.

model photography – misti

yes!!! it is misti again! :-)   click on more for the other photos.

model photography – misti

its been quite some time, but I still hope you enjoy this little photo post of misti!  

.:christine going dark – number three

three more photos of christine. click on more for the other two images.

.:christine going dark – number two

.:christine going dark – a beauty revealed

click on more for the infos.

.:mega misti – photo upload deluxe

get the whole thing by clicking on more…

.:misti part III

and one more after the click.

.:more of misti

click on more for the other photos.

.:introducing misti

click on more for the whole story.

.:leweb – a little recap…

as some of you might have noticed I was in paris the whole past week attending the leweb 09 conference and let me tell you it was a blast. I’ll get into details in a bit, but first I have to say that I fell in love with this city. no idea why paris never clicked with me before… and it actually doesn’t really matter because it did now. obviously not everything is gold that shines and for example I still don’t like the fact that you have to wait or search for a cab for at least 30-45 minutes…