Model Photography – Nikola

I had the pleasure of shooting with Nikola on the last day of Photokina. My bro Ben hooked us up last minute with a Hotelroom as my two other locations fell through. It was a fun shoot, we got some nice sets and this is the first one. All shot with natural light. Simple RAW-Conversions and some basic retouching. Hope you enjoy this series and thanks to Nikola for a great shoot and to Ben for helping me out with the room and while shooting!!!

Model Photography – Karina Syndicus

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure of working with Karina Syndicus for a few hours on a beautiful afternoon. Thanks to Ben for getting us in touch! Four beautiful sets came together which you will see here over the next few weeks. Also shot some nice stuff with my old Hasselblad 500c/m and my Fuji Instax 210, that stuff will come soon, too!

Travel Photography – Brazil (part three of three)

Here we have a the last part of this series. It certainly brings you one of my highlights of the trip, which was meeting Mike Horn briefly. He was “in town” for taking the german soccer team for a spin on his fantastic boat and attend a little happening for the press. A crazy trip for sure. learned a lot and saw some places and stuff I hadn’t before. Always a good thing.

Travel Photography – Brazil (part one of three)

It feels like ages ago, so much happened since Brazil and the Worldcup. So many Jobs, so much work that all this just feels so far away. I was a crazy trip, fun, interesting, but a very focussed view on a small area of Brazil. Santo André, close to Porto Seguro in Bahia. We didn’t get out of that are as all we shot was about the area and the german Soccerteam and their camp. These photos are mostly my private shots, quite a wild mix and not related to the project we shot there at all. The film is…

Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout NYC / LA

MBShootout NYC / LA The Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout in New York and Los Angeles was a fantastic experience, it was the longest of all the Shootouts so far and took place in two cities. New York City and Los Angeles. Our New York Team consisted of Mario-Roman Lambrecht, Joseph Linaschke, our local Andrew Link and me. In LA it was Mario, Joseph and me again plus our locals Royce Rumsey, Richard Thompson and Zach Benge. I cannot say it often enough how honored and thankful I am to have worked with this extremely talented and kind group of people. What…

Car Photography – Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout Kitzbühel

You probably remember the Instagram Shootout we did with Mercedes-Benz at the IAA in Frankfurt back in September. This week we went on a another shootout and changed a few things up. First of all we did a three day tour to Kitzbühel in Austria. Secondly there was no prize or so to win so it was “just” about having fun and creating great work. The third point was that we had two brand new Mercedes-Benz GLAs with us, driven by Mercedes-Benz drivers as the car is not yet open to the press and public. Lastly we had three great…

Car Photography – Bentley Continental GT Speed

Who doesn’t love the Continental GT? Well… there are enough people out there, but I have always loved it bulky, bulldog exterior. Though it is more like Batmans Tumbler. Just from the size to performance ratio. just feeling wise. The interior on the other hand was so much nicer in the pre-VW days. So much nicer! Anyways. The driver that brought the car was quite a bit late and we already only had one day to shoot, so we ended up with a few hours only, but I am very happy with the results.

Car Photography – Smart FourJoy Showcar

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the new Smart concept- / showcar. A lot of nice touches and ideas. Not much I can tell you, just have a look and feast your eyes. Started up with some regular shots in the studio… did a little Brenizer-ing in the middle and with the help of Kai finished off with some strobe work. Also make sure to check out Kais post over at Heldth!

Model Photography – Filiz

It has been quite some time that I worked with a model and I felt quite bad about that. I always enjoy working with people and when you dedicate some time and work with a model on a shoot it can be a very rewarding thing. And for me it’s the perfect counterpart to all my car and event work. So to get back into it I just ask Filiz who I got to know quite recently and we just went out with a few basic outfits, no MUA and my buddy Thorsten to help out. the First set was…

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

This time it was Toronto and we had the pleasure of driving the new S-Class. Our HQ was a beautiful Hotel in the middle of Toronto, an absolutely fabulous location and hotel to get to know the city a little bit and roam the streets for locations to shoot and test the car. Also the fantastic dinner on our first night with some very special entertainment by Matt Dusk just pumped us up to the right level. Matt dusk is a real entertainer. I just wished we had clubs like this still around. You know like in the old days,…

Car Photography – Jaguar F-Type

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of giving the brand spanking new Jaguar F-Type a spin. Jaguar Germany had invited us to a small airport out in the countryside. We got the chance to drive the car on a handling course with some instructors first and then enjoy the fantastic road in the area. As always, I am no car tester, but a car enthusiast so I will keep it very simple. This car is a lot of fun! And an absolute beauty! On top of that the sound this car produces is just completely crazy. No matter if its…