Asphalt Dining – or how I drove 5000km through Europe to cook a beautiful dish

Last year me and my friend Chef Reuven Schockner went on a roadtrip to Malaga, Spain for an Event with Mercedes-Benz. We took the opportunity to film the whole trip and also show the dish Reuven had come up with for this trip. Inspired by everything that a trip like this lets you experience. From Düsseldorf to Paris to Bordeaux to Bilbao to Madrid to Malaga and back.

LeWeb Paris 2012 – Speakers Gallery

Another overdue post, but you know how these things go. The full Speakers Gallery of LeWeb Paris 2012 and some BTS shots by my friend Luca. We had a blast in Paris as always and it was a good challenge to find a balance between the needs of he organisers and trying to get a nice and fresh look. Obviously we couldn’t go completely crazy, but I think we did a great job. Also, if you missed it check out the Instax Gallery and the other LeWeb posts. Have a great week everyone and cheerio. Teymur.                 …

Model Photography – Joyce – good bye (slightly NSFW)

Some shoots really give you a lot of opportunities to shoot a lot of different styles and so on, but it also lets you discover new techniques, materials you can use for a variety of things, like backgrounds, gobos etc. In this case I fell in love with the concrete wall in the room as a backdrop. So calm, still not bland and so many ways to play with it. So I chose the wall as a backdrop for the next photos, a three light set up, shaped as a triangle slightly turned towards Joyce, a variable ND filter and…

Model Photography – Joyce

And we are getting close to the last set of my shoot with Joyce in Paris. After the red something more plain and simple. Its nice to challenge yourself with restrictions like only using one specific lens, not using the artificial light or just using artificial light or just limit your location and try to get the most out of it. You can use textures, shapes, colors, perspective, props and so much more. And I think post production is also a good way to spice it up. I never have been a huge fan of photoshopping your photos to death,…

Model Photography – Joyce in the corner

We are still in the same room, with the same model, we only have a different lens, perspective and lighting. We had to try a few things out till we got here, but that is also always part of the fun, the improvisation. As before, Luca has a great behind the scenes look of the shoot in his blog post, so check it out.    

Model Photography – Joyce – slightly NSFW

Joyce and I obviously shot more than one set. And sometimes lighting gets as easy as a on-flashhead reflector with a grid. The hotel room was so tiny and full of gear, baggage and three people that actually anything much more elaborate would have become much more complicated. Luca provided some more of his beautiful behind the scenes shot also on his blog, so make sure to check out his point of view and more of the BTS photos. So hopefully you’ll enjoy these too and have a great weekend. Teymur.  

LeWeb 2012 – The Instax Gallery

Long overdue, but with all the stuff going on it just wasn’t the right time. So here at last the photos of the mighty Fuji Instax. You think I am going a bit too far with that, but let me tell you, I fell in love with my two Instax cameras and I really think they are a must have for every camera and photo interested person. I think I would mostly recommend the Instax Mini, just because it is easier to handle. I will write a little review about both cameras soon too, and there will be more photos…

model photography – joyce – paris

So, back in december, if you guys remember, I shot the speakers gallery at Leweb Paris. I stayed in town a few days longer as I was also meeting a few of my good friends, so I also organized a photo shoot with a model. Joyce came up on my search on Model Mayhem and I think we were a good team and I am very pleased with the results. Also always a great challenge to shoot in those small Hotel rooms. Luckily my good friend Luca was there, too. He assisted me a little and mainly shot the most…

event photography – leweb 2010 – paris

as about the same time last year this year again europe’s biggest and and best web conference, leweb. entrepreneurs, journalists, investors and bloggers come together and are given the chance to learn, communicate and succeed.

travel photography – hello again paris, hello again leweb

its winter again and this years leweb conference is right ahead of us. I will be photographing the event and blogging here and there and again this year I took the luxury of coming to paris a few days earlier and I will be leaving a few days after the conference.  

model photography – good evening from misti

it nearly has been a year since leweb09 and my shooting with misti and it was only at photokina that I rediscovered the not yet uploaded phtoos of misti and one in particular hit me.

model photography – misti

and the last batch of this mist set for you on this wonderful and sunny monday.

model photography – misti

yes!!! it is misti again! :-)   click on more for the other photos.