#roadtophotokina5 – our photo walk series

Yesterday we held our 5th roadtophotokina photo walk here in Cologne. We had the best weather we could have hoped for, a huge crowd of fun people (between 50-60 people) and a good route across town. Our walks are more about the the people and enjoying yourself than hardcore photo assignments and so on, but we still always get a nice collection of photos from everyone. The next and “last” one we had planned will be on Photokina friday and will be announced for sure on Bens and my Facebook pages and profiles, also on roadtophotokina.com or our Instagram channel….

Whats in my bag / Every day carry – Brazil (Worldcup start)

It’s only two more hours and I will be on my way to Brazil. I am part of a small production crew shooting the last parts of a documentary that was filmed there earlier this year. I will try and post as much as I can from there, but I am not sure how much time I will have and how the connection will be at hour Hotel etc. So for now the WIMB / EDC post. This time also the “containers” for what I take with me. first up my beloved Goruck GRII, my Tank, the Pelican 1510 trolley and…

A bottle of Cardhu – from friends for friends

Cardhu Whiskey started its history back in 1824 when the smuggler John Cumming founded the distillery. In its long history a lot happened from cooperations with other big brands to wars and problems with the public perception. Nowadays Cardhu is back to its old glory and one thing that has not changed is the hospitality and charity. Back in the day every visitor was offered a glass of Cardhu and to carry on the tradition the agency started to share a bottle of Cardhu with friends, who in return not only shared their bottle with friends, but also recommend one…

First look – Canon G16

Canon Germany sent me a beautiful new G16 to give a shot and see what I think of it. It’s been quite some time I had a camera like this in my hands. The first G I encountered was the G9 and at that time I hadn’t seen or used no other camera like it. Price, features, quality size were basically unmatched. The next one I remember really hearing of was the G11. I know there was a G1X something and so on. Times have changed a lot since 2007. Mobile phones have been slashing at the small camera market…

Car Photography – Jaguar F-Type

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of giving the brand spanking new Jaguar F-Type a spin. Jaguar Germany had invited us to a small airport out in the countryside. We got the chance to drive the car on a handling course with some instructors first and then enjoy the fantastic road in the area. As always, I am no car tester, but a car enthusiast so I will keep it very simple. This car is a lot of fun! And an absolute beauty! On top of that the sound this car produces is just completely crazy. No matter if its…

photokina 2010 – over and out – content overload

photokina 2010 is over for a few days and the aftermath is is kind of behind me now too. my good buddy marco from manfrotto has left cologne today and I am about to jump back into reality.

model photography – nadine – saying bye and photokina

I can’t believe we got to the end of the first shoot with nadine. it was a long one, with great photos though. and here we are with the grand finale!

manfrotto school of xcellence – mentions, new additions and a lot of fun

you guys for sure remember when I mentioned that the manfrotto school of xcellence started with the live webinars with joe mcnally and bill frakes. if you missed them or want to watch them again just head over here and enjoy! there is also a great webinar from june about monitor calibration you might want to check out.

travel photogrpahy – to italy and back – palio di siena

As some of you might have noticed I went on a little trip to Italy the week before last for a few days and got back last week tuesday. The original plan was to drive down to Bassano Italy at some point and say hi to my buddy Marco at Manfrotto HQ and have some talk and take a tour and all. luckily for me Marco offered me to join him, a team of Manfrotto engineers and BILL FRAKES to Siena for the horse race. There wasn’t really too much to think about this offer from my side obviously, just…