MixedBag – Vienna Edition

So on Saturday we did a little test shoot and I actually just tried one setup really, but I got some interesting results. I used two strip lights coming from top and and to the sides down on our very kind model Mo, plus one flash coming from the front with a gridded snoot.at some point I took the grid away and replaced it with two strips of gaffers tape and these are the results you see. Really sweet as I think. though the right one didn’t find as much approval as for example the left one, though I like…

.:dreams! are my reality – zombies52 – week XVI

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.:say ‘ello to my little frenn – zombies52 – week XV

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.:it’s a trap, woody! – zombies52 – week XIV

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.:carrots, eggs and blood – zombies52 – week XIII

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.:zombies 52 week 12 additional groupshot.

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.:surprise suprise – zombies52 – week XII

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