Canon Legria Mini X – a first look.

A few weeks back, when I was in Hamburg for a Canon launch event, we were given the opportunity to be part of two workshops and test a variety of cameras. The one camera though that interested me the most was the successor of the Canon Legria Mini that I wrote about a while back. So I decided to run around all day and shoot with the Legria Mini X instead of anything else.

Gear – Canon Legria Mini

When Canon announced the Legria Mini a few month back, I was very skeptical. In a time where most mobile phones produce great video and we always have them with us, why would we need a dedicated video camera for blogging at home and on the go? Well… on the one hand because we might need our phones for so much more than just recording video. I mean they can be our voice recorder on productions, or being needed to read off your lines of them etc. etc. A lot of people use GoPros to shoot themselves, as the video…