The Neon Museum – Las Vegas

While on vacation in Las Vegas, end of last year, we finally took the chance and visited the Neon Museum. One of those must visit tourist destinations. We were a bit unlucky with the weather, and not only that day, but I will go back the next time I am in the area for sure. As with many Museums and landmarks like that a lot depends on your guide that takes you around and gives you all teh facts and personal tidbits, but I am sure here everyone is into the subject matter more than enough. The experience there also…

#mbrt13 – rollin rollin rollin

It is our third day and we are on the Interstate 40 towards Amarillo as I am writing this post. I wanted to post way before this post, but we have been quite busy and get less sleep than anticipated, so the time that I am awake after driving the legs of our road trip I mostly use for importing and backing up all the footage. If you want to stay completely up to date you should check my Twitter, Flickr and YouTube channel as I post to those daily and from the road. Our connectivity is not always given,…

#mbrt13 – we are ready for takeoff.

We are not only ready for take off, but by the time you are reading this, we should be in the air already. I was planning on putting a more elaborate packing post up than this, but… well… you know. time just went by like nothing. lets see though who spots what and I will point the gear out later then too 🙂 my german travel buddies all posted blog posts too just right now, so if you are interested in more about our fantastic road trip, check their posts out too!!! Bjoern, Heike, Jan and Jens. If you out…

Road Trip 2013 – Mercedes-Benz takes us from LA to Detroit #mbrt13

Travel Photography – road trip 2011 – 5000km through the USA, part 4

Still a lot more to come. I would like to present you with everything at once, but stay with me here and enjoy the ride.

Travel Photography – road trip 2011 – 5000km through the USA, part 1

The road trip is over now and I am back home in Cologne since last tuesday. It’s been quite a ride, quite literally.