#mbrt13 – the video

It has been a while since we got back from this fantastic road trip and yes it took me a very long time to finish this video, but it’s finally here and I hope you will enjoy our little trip down memory lane. I could jump into the car right away and do another few thousand miles that way. enjoy and have a great week people! Lots of great stuff lined up to be posted and shot in the coming days and weeks. and for all my other #mbrt13 posts, just follow the link. Teymur. #mbrt13 movie from Teymur on…

#mbrt13 – Instax invasion

Here a very candid collection of all the Fuji Instax shots of our trip. Still my favorite camera system at the moment!!! Hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do. Oh and the order might be a bit off đŸ™‚

#mbrt13 – the end is nigh

It’s nigh, but not here yet. We finish our digital stills journey today with a huge post. 52 photos. There is still a bit more to come though. We have a whole bunch of wonderful Fuji Instax scans coming up, as the Video I am still editing! After that though I promise at least one non-car photo post. And a glorious one for sure. I hope you will enjoy this post as you did the ones before and in case you missed them follow this link the previous posts. Cheerio and have a great weekend, Teymur.

#mbrt13 – wherever I may roam

What is it that pulls people like us out on the street and actually lets us enjoy a trip like this?! Why do I love being on the road? Sitting in the car for hours, devouring asphalt like a maniac. To be honest… NO IDEA! The thing I know is that I enjoy it. Listening to music, local news, meet people along the way, be it a travelling antiques dealer or a pissed of hillbilly trucker at a taco bell. Changing scenery, when you pull to the side of the road for photo, coffee or even a snack. I am…

#mbrt13 – the eagle has landed

#mbrt13, a hashtag for an idea that sprung from one mans head and developed into a project for twelve. In a very short period of time the plans for a fantastic road trip were made and what felt like an blink of an eye we had our plane tickets, roadmap and itinerary. An international crew going from Los Angeles (or actually Carlsbad) all the way to Detroit. I know, it doesn’t sound too hardcore, but if you have to make it in a bit less then 5 days it becomes a challenge. With our internal title “Guarding the E-Class” we…