Griffith Observatory – Travel Photography

The Observatory must be one of my favourite places on the planet. If I had one wish to choose a place to live, this might be it. Overlooking the vast expanse of Los Angeles, the wonderful Architecture and Griffith Park surrounding it. So here are two older and one new photo from my most recent trip to LA. The two old ones I reedited, as I really did not like the the old editing anymore. Also, as you might have seen, you only see LA and not the Observatory, but it was shot from there. So ok, a couple of…

Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout NYC / LA

MBShootout NYC / LA The Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout in New York and Los Angeles was a fantastic experience, it was the longest of all the Shootouts so far and took place in two cities. New York City and Los Angeles. Our New York Team consisted of Mario-Roman Lambrecht, Joseph Linaschke, our local Andrew Link and me. In LA it was Mario, Joseph and me again plus our locals Royce Rumsey, Richard Thompson and Zach Benge. I cannot say it often enough how honored and thankful I am to have worked with this extremely talented and kind group of people. What…

#mbrt13 – rollin rollin rollin

It is our third day and we are on the Interstate 40 towards Amarillo as I am writing this post. I wanted to post way before this post, but we have been quite busy and get less sleep than anticipated, so the time that I am awake after driving the legs of our road trip I mostly use for importing and backing up all the footage. If you want to stay completely up to date you should check my Twitter, Flickr and YouTube channel as I post to those daily and from the road. Our connectivity is not always given,…

#mbrt13 – we are ready for takeoff.

We are not only ready for take off, but by the time you are reading this, we should be in the air already. I was planning on putting a more elaborate packing post up than this, but… well… you know. time just went by like nothing. lets see though who spots what and I will point the gear out later then too 🙂 my german travel buddies all posted blog posts too just right now, so if you are interested in more about our fantastic road trip, check their posts out too!!! Bjoern, Heike, Jan and Jens. If you out…

Travel Photography – road trip 2011 – 5000km through the USA, part 4

Still a lot more to come. I would like to present you with everything at once, but stay with me here and enjoy the ride.

Travel Photography – road trip 2011 – 5000km through the USA, part 1

The road trip is over now and I am back home in Cologne since last tuesday. It’s been quite a ride, quite literally.

.:take this fooooooolz! – geeking continues.

I was visiting the US with my girlfriend and as we were planning the trip for some time and I already had some contact with the amazing casey mckinnon and she was interested in a geeky photoshoot, so we planned a little bit and right after comic con we met up in LA and went looking for a few locations. originally we had planned to drive to joshua tree but it is a bit far and our schedules were a bit tight so malibu was the best choice. and honestly… all we looked for. I had a blast and hopefully casey did so too 😀 thankfully her partner rudy joined us and was so gracious to help me out holding the reflector and also having some nice tips up his sleeve. thanks you guys so much for everything, and I hope you’ll enjoy the shots as much as I do. oh and most of the other shots will take a little while as I am in the middle of editing a huge wedding shoot and still have a few thousand vacation shots in front of me also 🙂 more on the vacation later also of course!