model photography – nadine – saying bye and photokina

I can’t believe we got to the end of the first shoot with nadine. it was a long one, with great photos though. and here we are with the grand finale!

kodak online shop discounts – for your memorable moments (german & english)

GERMAN: hey leute, eine sache die ich total vergessen habe und euch noch unbedingt mitteilen wollte: kodak war so nett für euch einen 30%igen nachlass auf den PULSE bilderrahmen, die SLICE und die Z950 kameras zu geben. einfach zum deutschen kodak onlinestore und beim bezahlen dann den code ICEDSOUL eingeben! viel spaß damit und einen wunderschönen tag, teymur.   ENGLISH: hey guys, there is one thing that slipped my mind that I wanted to tell you is that the guys at kodak were so kind to provide a voucher for you. with that you will get 30% off when you…

travel photography – first day in johannesburg

well well, our first day in johannesburg, south africa is coming to an end and I am sitting here with madlen from kodak and we are importing, editing and uploading photos. maybe… if I don’t fall asleep while doing this I will actually get to some video editing! I had a great day with actually one my dreams becoming reality! we started the day with obviously with a nice and long breakfast where we got to meet the rest of our kodak team…

.:dreams! are my reality – zombies52 – week XVI

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.:say ‘ello to my little frenn – zombies52 – week XV

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.:it’s a trap, woody! – zombies52 – week XIV

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.:carrots, eggs and blood – zombies52 – week XIII

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.:zombies 52 week 12 additional groupshot.

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.:surprise suprise – zombies52 – week XII

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.:time out – zombies 52 – week XI

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.:gone with the wind – zombies52 – week X

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.:end of the beginning?! – zombies52 – week VIII

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.:my bloody valentine – zombies52 – week VI

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.:rest in peace – zombies52 – week IV

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.:not good, not good at all… – week II

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.:the beginning – zombies52

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.:a little update of the past days – and all

well, well, well… its been a few days since my last post and I am sorry for the lack of postings, but I am very busy at the moment and have a lot of photos to edit and new shootings to plan. I hope to have some behind the scences stuff from older shoots ready for you soon and from now on more and better BTS coming. especially as I just got a brand new kodak zi8, which is a great little device to record up to 1080p HD video. me and a few friends and strangers (actually other bloggers)…