Instagramy Goodness – -lets do this!

My friend Dominik wrote this wonderful Plug-In that basically looks at what you posted to your Instagram account in the past week and creates a draft in WordPress, just like this, with a title and a WordPress Gallery. Wonderfully done you can also edit the Gallery style and all. Not everyone is on Instagram, or people follow so many Instagram users that they miss stuff and this way you get a nice weekly recap of what I’ve posted there.

Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout NYC / LA

MBShootout NYC / LA The Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout in New York and Los Angeles was a fantastic experience, it was the longest of all the Shootouts so far and took place in two cities. New York City and Los Angeles. Our New York Team consisted of Mario-Roman Lambrecht, Joseph Linaschke, our local Andrew Link and me. In LA it was Mario, Joseph and me again plus our locals Royce Rumsey, Richard Thompson and Zach Benge. I cannot say it often enough how honored and thankful I am to have worked with this extremely talented and kind group of people. What…

Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout – I need you!

The night is over and we had a blast. Always great to be put into these situations that are just different. We produced some fantastic photos and got some fantastic responses. Thanks to those who supported me with their likes already and all the shout outs. In case you missed it or didn’t have time to head over to the Mercedes-Benz Instagram account I have embedded all my photos below. I appreciate it a lot and if you like keep on sharing this post.

A Night on the IAA – Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout

Some of you will remember the fantastic night that some assorted car bloggers and I spent in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart back in August 2012. For those who have I have put together a collection of photos and the video below or just follow the first link.  For this coming sunday night they have come up with a bit different approach! Me and three other photographers will have the whole Mercedes-Benz “booth” on the IAA in Frankfurt to ourselves. Not only that, but we will have a Shootout between the four of us. Between 7pm on sunday and 7am…