Teymur Visuals x BMW R nineT x Heldth

I don’t know if you know this feeling. Maybe it is something extremely gear head specific, but there is something to be driving alone in a car or on a bike in the middle of the night. No specific destination in mind. Rollin’ as the kids used to say. Since even before I had my license (psssssssst), I enjoyed cruising through the streets and out of the city on country roads to clear my head. No matter if I was depressed because of a girl or being stuck trying to finish a paper or anything in between. Of course it…

Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout – I need you!

The night is over and we had a blast. Always great to be put into these situations that are just different. We produced some fantastic photos and got some fantastic responses. Thanks to those who supported me with their likes already and all the shout outs. In case you missed it or didn’t have time to head over to the Mercedes-Benz Instagram account I have embedded all my photos below. I appreciate it a lot and if you like keep on sharing this post.

A Night on the IAA – Mercedes-Benz Instagram Shootout

Some of you will remember the fantastic night that some assorted car bloggers and I spent in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart back in August 2012. For those who have I have put together a collection of photos and the video below or just follow the first link.  For this coming sunday night they have come up with a bit different approach! Me and three other photographers will have the whole Mercedes-Benz “booth” on the IAA in Frankfurt to ourselves. Not only that, but we will have a Shootout between the four of us. Between 7pm on sunday and 7am…

Model Photography – Cassidy Rose and Frollein Miez

It was a very spontaneous shoot, only took about two hours and we had a lot of fun. It was Cassidys birthday, the weather was fantastic too and went down to the Rhine as the ladies had some swimwear the wanted to be shot in. I normally am very well prepared, especially equipment wise… well… lets say I ended up with some completely wet pants. Really pleased with the results though and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Spontaneous people FTW!!! If you want to see more of Cassidy Rose and Frollein Miez, just follow the links….

Car Photography – Smart FourJoy Showcar

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the new Smart concept- / showcar. A lot of nice touches and ideas. Not much I can tell you, just have a look and feast your eyes. Started up with some regular shots in the studio… did a little Brenizer-ing in the middle and with the help of Kai finished off with some strobe work. Also make sure to check out Kais post over at Heldth!

Event Photography – Schloss Dyck with Ford Germany

Ford Germany was so kind to invite me to this years Schloss Dyck classic car Event, which some compare directly to Goodwoods Festival of Speed. To put a beautiful red cherry on top, we met at the Ford Classic garage and were allowed to pick a car from the fantastic collection to drive to Schloss Dyck from the Cologne Plant. The weather was fantastic, the roads free and the place full of fantastic cars. And people. And cars… and even more people. And more cars. As nice as it is to be there and see all those cars and enjoy…

Event Photography – Tanner Foust at Ford HQ

The Name Tanner Foust will ring a bell with most gear heads, videos of his Stunts will ring a lot more bells even and then there is Top Gear USA! ‘nough said! I can’t really remember the first time I heard the Name Tanner Foust or seen him race or do a crazy stunt but certainly was some time before I started following Ken Blocks craziness, who I for the first time really was aware of, a little before Gymkhana 1, so go figure. So when after the last Ford Event I was asked if I wanted join an internal…