Olga in Space

From that very efficient and fun day last year with the wonderful Olga Kobzar. You can find the first post here. I had the idea for this the second I saw the location. I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to take the editing, but I found a good measure for my first step away from Lightroom only editing after a long long time. Obviously apart from skin retouching every now and then. Really a direction I feel very good about. I will keep exploring. get back to telling more stories, even small made up ones. more to come soon.

model photography – sensual s. – the last, but not least

say hello and goodbye to svitlana…

model photography – sensual s. – part three, close to the end

  I was on the road for a few days so I apologize for not supplying with more this shoot… I am back now and here you have the third post and some of the strongest photos of the shoot. the last post will follow soon to a wonderful finish as I think.  

model photography – sensual s. – part two

and we have four more of this new “series” I could call it. hope you enjoy!

model photography – sensual s. – the beginning

 a while ago svitlana and me started thinking about a series of different shots.

.:iron man times three – on and on

here we are with three more shots of my hot toys iron man figure. it is not the cheapest toy I’ve ever bought, but its certainly worth every cent. its detail and all the functional parts, the lights and all is very impressive. as stated before I am huge fan of iron man movie and the comics for a long time, so this was a nobrainer for me. but still some will ask why I spend so much time shooting toys. not landscapes, real models etc. well first of all it is something I really like! comics, movies, toys and…

.:IRON MAN – as promised

here we are dear friends and followers! the first shot of my hot toys iron man figure. I put up a little studio setup here at our place and shot a whole night. mainly worked with two strobes lighting, but at times threw in the third one to get some more fill. I’ll post a setupshoot soon and write a bit more about the lighting and all. until then, I hope you’ll enjoy! teymur!!!

.:iron man – cologne edition

not sure if it was last year or when exactly when I saw the first pics of the hot toys iron man figure, but I wanted it right away. well… it took quite a while I got hold of one here in germany as I somehow didn’t want to order one via ebay. anyhow! I’ve always been a huge iron man fan, well… when I was much much younger and then again somewhere in between and the latest when all the fuzz about about the amazing iron man movie came up. so I finally got around to take a few…