A new series of Videos where I re-edit older photos of mine and walk you through the process. Not only on the technical side. Check it out, let me know what you think. Let me know if you have questions and make sure to check out the link to the RAW files for you to download and see what you would do with the photo. If you like. 🙂 Remember it’s for personal use only of course. So this is the RAW HDR file that I started this RE_EDIT with. This is the originally in 2011 published photo which I…

.:more hhhdr – random red building

we attended little vernissage last week and on the other side of the place was this red shiny building and the sky was just perfect, so I pulled out my dear d3 and fired away. handheld hdrs can work sometimes, but I really need to keep my tripod closer I think 🙂 hope you like it and let me knwo what you think people! sunny greeting teymur.